Operational Excellence Consulting


Our model provides the framework to design and install a business system that suits your unique culture. We take pride in assimilating our model and coaches with your organization to evolve an enterprise of excellence!


Step 1 (Directional Planning)

LeanSet coaches your leadership to begin laying the foundation for a continuous improvement culture. We guide you to begin “Thinking Lean” while always seeking opportunities to demonstrate “Respect for People.” Also known as the Hoshin Planning Process, Japanese for “Shining Needle” or True North, we coach you to articulate your company’s direction and strategic roadmap. Additionally, we help you build a strong governance structure committed to weaving your new system into the fabric of your enterprise.

Step 2 (Analysis)

We coach you to analyze your entire value chain (your systems) and subsequent value streams (your processes) to see the gaps between your current condition and target condition. We guide cross-functional teams to map enterprise and Operational Value Streams to identify the gaps, waste, and pain posing as barriers to achieving your vision and goals.

Step 3 (Effective Change)

We coach your teams to take action by closing gaps, removing obstacles, and solving problems at all levels of the organization methodically and with focus. Here, we continue to maximize the use of cross-functional teams and guide them to become self-directed problem solvers who think systematically.

Step 4 (Sustainment)

We coach your teams to sustain the change so that your investment in building an enterprise of excellence remains in place over the long term. We can achieve this through commitment at all enterprise levels and relentless focus on Thinking, Learning, and Respect for People. The result is a culture of strategic thinkers and self-directed problem solvers adding value to your company, your teams, and your customers daily!