No matter where you are in your Lean journey or certification, we recommend beginning with the LeanSetGo™ experience. 

LeanSetGo™ is our live, in-person introductory Lean manufacturing training in which participants work together to save a fictional company from closing its doors forever.

Students will learn and then apply Lean manufacturing tools and principles to help the company meet its customer demand on time, in full, and with zero defects. 

Best of all, participation in the LeanSetGo™ training satisfies 90% of your Level 1 Lean Certification requirements!

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LeanSetGo is a fun and interactive way to introduce teams to Lean manufacturing and learn how aligned and empowered teams can help a struggling company perform optimally.

Each participant is assigned critical roles in a simulated beverage processing plant. The team has three rounds to demonstrate they can meet customer demands. Otherwise, the plant must close its doors forever.

Before each round, participants will learn vital Lean manufacturing tools and methods to shift their company from surviving to thriving. After each round, team members reflect on their performance and apply their knowledge to continue iterating toward the company's shared vision and goals.

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